Our Volunteers

Barry Field

I have been with P22 at Sandwich from the beginning and have been privileged to be Captain of this historic craft for over six years.

Nikki Curran

I am Nikki Curran, I have been involved with P22 since 2021 and am one of the trustees. I am passionate about keeping her story alive. Whilst we can’t change history we can learn from it. Although I am not a 40/50’s baby I do love all things associated with the period. My role is promoting this fine vessel and working as part of the crew when she is touring the River – you might even catch in uniform!


Ted is a devoted volunteer of P22. He has been involved in Sandwich for many years and he’s known throughout the town. He is the boats official photographer and food taster.

Caren Field

I am one of the coordinators of P22 helping her to be open for the public, I am also part of the crew helping with the events and outings.

Jonathan Curran

I am Jonathan Curran, a retired teacher living in Margate. My first love has always been history which is why I am proud to be one of the volunteers. I love helping maintain and renovate the P22 as well as crewing whenever she sails. I am also on hand for guided tours when she is moored. I am also one of the trustees.

Shane Thompson

I’ve been involved with the P22 since 2016 and also one of the trustees. It’s a great privilege to be part of the crew on this amazing vessel as I am also a U.S. Navy and USAAF re-enactor of over 15 years. I also had the honour of crewing her to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day in 2019. As well as being one of the tour guides, I’m also part of the maintenance crew.

Pete Saunders

Pete hails from Dover in Kent. He spent 10 years as mechanic on the Dover Lifeboat and he also worked on the local cross-channel ferries for 10 years plus. Pete has also spent his time working as a crew member on the cruise ship ‘Canberra’ touring the Med. He has owned various seagoing boats, and was a former founder Partner/Crew member of Fordwich River Tours which resided in the smallest town in England, Fordwich, near Canterbury Kent. He is now semi-retired and enjoying being part of the P22 Family as Mechanic and also Helmsman.

Karen Saunders

Karen, an NHS physio rehab worker (and Pete’s wife), helps out with the catering and the all important washing up. Both her and Pete have completed relevant mandatory training with first aid and basic life support in their job roles. They are both very happy to be part of the P22’s ongoing maritime history, working alongside all of the other fantastic crew members who provide constant support with the running of this lovely boat.

Alec Godden

My name is Alec I am 13 years old. I really enjoy anything to do with the army past or present. Plus enjoy researching about WW1 and WW2. When I visited the P22 I was lucky enough to have many questions answered which then resulted in me having the opportunity to volunteer on board.

Keith Sanham

After 15 years operating boat trips on the River Medway with a charitable Trust, as a skipper and trustee, I moved to Sandwich. Looking for a similar outlet for my time I was enthused by the team who operate the historic USN P22 River Rhine Patrol Vessel. My earlier background is Royal Navy and the chance to become involved in the operation and preservation of this historic vessel was too good to miss.

Nigel Robson

Nigel Robson is a recent recruit to P22. He is a retired IT project manager and he jointly owns a cattery in Sandwich. Nigel has nautical experience having been involved in River Tours and crewing on a boat providing disabled children the opportunity to sail. He is proud to be involved in supporting the history and heritage of P22.

Paul Graeme

Paul Graeme M.B.E., J.P. has been Chair of the USN P22 Trust since its inception 5 years ago and is keen to continue promoting the P22 Patrol Boat for the benefit of Sandwich Tourism and education regarding the “Cold War during the 50’s”

Andrew Hall

Andrew is a swing dance teacher and DJ who specialises in music from the 1930s-1940s who helps the volunteer crew of the USN P22 with any musical event the ship is involved with.